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Pricing for Websites by Eric Lundberg

Pricing varies with every website.

Your website can be as simple or elaborate as YOU wish.

The number of pages, the amount of graphics, pictures and amount of text will all contribute to the cost. Prices will be as individual as each website is unique.

At, we offer a comprehensive range of services based on your personal needs or preferences. Prices can be determined by the page, project, site or on an hourly basis. Our base rate for the design or the redesign of a web page is $50.00 per page.

There are two additional costs when creating a website.
There is the cost of registering and protecting your domain name
If you have your domain name already registered, we can get started immediately, if not, we will take care of that process too for $25 a year.

The second cost is for a Web Site Host Server.
This is the company that hosts your website so it can be seen on the internet, so people can see when they put in your domain name. We will use any host you wish. However, we use several hosts that are very reasonable with great service and no down time. We are not affiliated with them in any way, we just like their prices and services. The server we use charges a minimum of $18 per month and the cost depends on your site size and what features you may need.

So Contact Us for a free estimate.