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Establishing a presence on the World Wide Web is becoming more common for businesses and individuals every day. Whether you are looking for a one page, low-cost website, a 100 page website, or anything in between, we can help. At, we make the creation of a site as enjoyable and enriching as possible. We utilize unique graphics and multimedia to achieve the ultimate website that's "Tailor Made" for you. We take the time to assess your wants, needs and expectations and come up with a plan that will work for you and within your budget.

Website Design and Authoring

We do this one of two ways. You can provide us with an outline and or a detailed description of the way you want your page to look and react. This method is for those of you who know exactly what you want but don't have the time or place to develop your site. You may give us backgrounds, graphics, pictures or anything else you want on your site.

The other method is to tell us what you want and let us "Tailor Make" your site for you. This works well when you aren't really sure how you want your page to look. We design and develop your site together. We will work closely with you throughout the process, have you check the development and provide feedback before we go on to the next stage.

Prior to launching your website you will be able to view your trial pages through the privacy of our site. On a page only you and the webmaster have access to. This gives you the opportunity to make comments, changes and give feedback before it is published to your domain name. This insures our "Tailor Made" site is unique and to your specifications.

Website Hosting and Domain Name

At, we can help you find and choose a domain name and provide website hosting as needed. If you already have a domain name and site, we can review your expenses and help choose a new host if necessary.

Website Maintenance

We can update your website and make changes for you, for a flat fee per cycle (e.g. monthly, bi-monthly, etc.), or, if you have a one-time change, we can do that on a pay per hour basis.

We know the "Tailor Made" website we design for our customers, or the graphics we create with their preferences will be truly unique and represent them, be it their own passion or simply the way they want to be established on the World Wide Web.